How To Overcome Microphone Shy For 1st Time Content Creators

Microphone shy is influenced by behaviors, genetics, and environment. Overcoming microphone phobia can be done through consistent practice and confidence building. However, that takes a long time.

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Overcome Microphone Shyness

Most people can speak to people and talk on the phone without any problem, but people really don't like their voices on recording.

If you're a content creator, this can be a huge challenge if you don't want to be on camera or speak your thoughts.

Confidence Building

Confidence is compounded by competency. The more you do something well, the more you will feel confident in your ability to do it. There is no short cut.

In order to overcome microphone shyness, one must start practicing speaking everyday. 1 % gradual improvement over 365 days a year is lot. This includes tonality training, breathing, postures, eye contact, and more.

Once you're comfortable with your voice, then it's your job to learn the delivery of the message the best you can.

Pick something you like and practice presenting it.

Improve Social Life

Social life is a huge component to a person's growth. Shyness can be cured by a healthy dose of social interactions on a daily basis to feel comfortable being around people, take things less seriously and be yourself.

The worst experience when a loner forces himself/herself to speak publically is self-judgment, stuck in the head, and suppress of emotion. All of that can make your voice sound less confident or lifeless on the recording.

If a negative social life is all you have around you, it can affect the way you view yourself. Ultimately, you are less likely wanting to present yourself to the public. This include fear of speaking, fear being on camera, and feeling discomfort in your own skin.

Public Speaking Practice

Public speaking practices like these local toastmaster clubs can dramatically improve your speaking ability and get used to speaking in front of a live audience, large or small.

The challenge is more about being comfortable around people and cultivate the feeling of "you want to share".  

Try to speak to the people in the back and focus your message 

Always Improve Your Language

Speaking your second language poorly is one of the common problems people are afraid to speak on mic, let alone being recorded. It can be scary and cringe to re-watch it later.

The only way to get past that fear is to speak the language better, and it will take time to get good.

Improve your vocabulary, mental clarity and life experiences can significantly change the way you communicate.