How Does AI In Speech Recognition Work

This article goes over how AI in speech recognition work at a very high degree of accuracy, using machine learning, natural language processing. The technology is advancing and it's only the beginning.

Most people use it to transcribe speech into text from a smartphone app and other creative applications.

How Does AI Speech Recognition Work In Simple Terms

Here is the basic process speech recognition software follows in simple terms:

how ai speech recognition work

When a person speaks, the voice contain phonemes. It's the building blocks of sound that all words are built from.

AI speech recognition starts converting phonemes picked up by the microphone and turn it into digital data set.

Once the data set is digitalized, several technical steps are involved to turn the audio into text. This system is known as Hidden Markov Model used by many modern speech recognition programs.

So far most software can accurately said words even with different accents.

Real World Applications 

Here are some examples of voice recognition used in products you're currently using or have at least came across before.

Amazon Echo Dot - Call out commands to play movies, music or voice search 

Voice Search - Handsfree search while driving

Virtual Assistant - Something like the Google Assistant can use AI 

Automated voice menu - Most people hate it, but it's there