5 Ways To Use Text To Speech For ESL Students

Here are 5 ways to use text to speech programs for ESL students to dramatically change the way learning English.

Learn Pronunciation

google pronunciation tool

When trying to learn English, it can be difficult if the accent is different from what you are used too. These various accents make some words or sentences sound more natural than others and may cause confusion when attempting communication with someone who speaks these foreign sounds

Text to speech programs can give natural English sounding voices for reading text which makes pronouncing  certain words easier when trying out how they sound like a native speaker would do so naturally without any hesitation or trouble at all!

This is way better way to listen to any written sentence into spoken words instead of using  Google pronunciation tool (Only works for single words)

Model Speech From A Well Spoken AI Voice Avatar

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One of the only way to get better at speaking English is to practice. An good AI voice avatar can provide ESL students examples to model their voices, prosody, intonations and speaking pace.

We highly recommend using a good text to speech browser extension that can read aloud everything on the screen for listening practice.

They can read PDF, email, web content, E books and more.

Turn Good Writing Into Good Speaking

learning english

There are many ESL students who are good writers, but they can't speak their thoughts or ideas well. This is a common problem many ESL students experience, where the English voice in their head doesn't sound the same as they speak.

Sometimes, the way a word is spelled does not necessarily match up with how it's pronounced. This can make learning English even more difficult for people!

In addition, many people don't like their voices when hearing their own voice recordings.

A good text to speech program can read out aloud what they wrote, and speak it. The student can listen to it and get a preview of what they could sound like and start practicing.

Clone Your Voice To Improve

lyrebird ai voice

Descript AI or Murf.ai offer voice cloning technology to turn your voice into an AI voice avatar.

This tool can be extremely helpful for ESL students to improve their speaking ability by tweaking how they sound like or edit what they said.

This can be extremely helpful to polish a ESL creator's voice on an social media interviews or other content.

Create Voiceover Content

video editing timeline

Text to speech programs are great for ESL students, and it' also great for anyone who want to create voiceover content right now without using their own voice, or take decades to master their English sounding voices.

Not everyone has the perfect voice match for their content, and this is where text to speech software can come in and help you publish content without overly concerned about not having a fluent English voice.