How To Make Youtube Videos Without Showing Face

Here is how to make YouTube videos without showing face or use your own voice. It's simple if you have a plan and the right tool to get the job done.

Why Make Content Without Showing Face [Or Voice]

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YouTube content can definitely do well without showing the person behind the camera.

There are many talented content creators who have great content to share, but they just don't like to be on camera or record their voices at all.

On the flip side, some some YouTube content actually do better without showing someone on camera speaking. 

For example, travel videos, visual effect shots, cinematic drone shots, time elapse, cooking videos, montage compilations.

Highly Recommend Using AI Voiceover Software

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Adding AI voiceover to your video provides content creators tons of flexibility to publish unique content without being limited by personalities or how they sound.

You Don't Have To Use Own Voice

Creators can use voice changer apps or AI voice avatar to narrate their videos, or alter their voice to best present their content.

The voice that match the content make a huge difference to sell a product, tell a story or spark emotions...etc

Create Professional Sounding Voiceover 

If you're running an affiliate marketing campaign and you want commercial or radio sounding voice that sells without hiring voice actors. AI voiceover software is highly recommended.

Upload Content Frequently

Part of the YouTube success is to upload interesting videos frequently so the algorithm can start working its magic to rank & recommend your content. However, if audio is the thing that stops you from uploading a video, then this is where AI voiceover software can help.

Many successful YouTube channels leverage the AI voiceover software to overcome the frustration of not having the best voice for their content, and publish content on schedule.

Stay Anonymous

Using AI voice avatar to present information online help to protect creator's online identity. Many people actually 

Check out top AI Voiceover software for YouTube content here

Choosing The Right Type Of Content


What Works

Making the right type of content without showing your face is totally doable. Here are some ideas that work:

  • News report
  • Documentary videos
  • Scam report
  • Animation videos
  • Product review videos
  • Visual illustrations
  • Motivational videos
  • Video game footage
  • Instructional videos
  • Historical content narrations
  • Storytelling

These content can be done without being on camera, and the creator can also pair the right AI voice avatar to present the content without using their own voice.

What Doesn't Work

joe rogan

If your content is heavily dependent on your personality, public images, makeup products, interview podcast, standup comedy, sports coaching...etc. Then making videos without showing your face may not work at all.

Successful Faceless YouTube Channels

show no face on youtube

YouTube videos are no different than other videos. Content creators can go as simple as they want or as creative as they want.

Here are some of the successful YouTube channels without being on camera:

The tools recommended for making YouTube videos are:

  • US Military News - News narration
  • Technology For Teachers and Students - Excel tutorials 
  • Yummy Food World - Food review
  • Steve1989MREInfo - MRE review
  • BluDrake - FPS game developer
  • nsz85 - Gun smith tutorials

There are many more like this