19 Useful ChatGPT prompts to optimize voiceover script

Here are top 19 ChatGPT prompts to optimize voiceover script, and of course you can modify them as you go.

If you as the creator ever get stuck not knowing what to write, ChatGPT can be used for a variety of natural language processing tasks like a human to fix grammar mistakes in a voiceover script and recommend suggestions for improvement.

Then you can pick an AI voiceover avatar to present the script

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Top 19 ChatGPT Prompts To Edit Content Voiceover Script

Since ChatGPT is a dialogue based tool. The users can enter commands to follow up the last query. This can go on forever until you get the results you want.

Remember to use the prompt to fix small chunks of your script one by one. Not the entire thing all at once.

1. "rewrite this in the voice of XYZ" - ChatGPT will take the original script you have provided and rewrite it in the speaking style of person XYZ

2. "rewrite this script in the format of before and after bridge frameworks" - Let ChatGPT rewrite the script to highlight problem and solution, and present a call to action

3. "rewrite in active voice" - Change the writing style to active voice to make the voiceover script sound much more natural and straightforward for people

4. "add more details to the script" Let ChatGPT add slightly more details to your current script

5. "rewrite dialogue to sound more like XYZ" - Let the program convert the script into dialogue format for video content involving dialogues

6. "rewrite to sound more concise and to the point" - ChatGPT will take the existing script and make it shorter without losing its core message.

chatgpt explain to a 5 year old

7. "Explain this to a 5 year old" - Let ChatGPT scan the script and find complex words and replace them with simpler synonyms. This is like communicate hard to explain concept in ways that a 5 year old child can understand

8."create a script about XYZ. Start the script with a powerful verb" = This lets the AI craft a super concise and to the point copy that gets people's attention right away

9."add a little more context" - Maybe your script is too generic, let ChatGPT add more descriptive language or content to the existing script

10."remove redundant words" - Get rid of repeating words that make your voiceover sound like crap

11. "rewrite to keep it short" - Let the AI rewrite the voiceover script and make it shorter

12. "Rewrite as you would speak" - Let the rewriting to sound like a person speaking. 

13."extract main message: - Let ChatGPT read through the script and pinpoint if there is a clear message in the script

14."rewrite this to make it rhythm" - Yes! ChatGPT can rewrite your script in a way the message rhythms when people read it or hear it

15."Rewrite this into a 30 second commercial read" - Let ChatGPT condense the script into something that will fit in a 30 second commercial without being too boring

16. "recommend voiceover actor for this ad script" - ChatGPT can give suggestions to what type of voice profile will be best to read the script 

chatgpt voice selection

17: "rewrite this in documentary format" - ChatGPT can rewrite the entire thing  with speaking styles that sound like a documentary film

18: "make this sound more promotional" - Change the tone of your script to be more salesy.

chatgpt rewrite

19: "make it sound more instructional" - Convert a run on sentence into list format

The options are endless!