9 Best Text To Speech Software

Here are the 9 best text to speech software to add the right feel to your content that wasn't possible before.

They are extremely valuable tool for creating marketing videos, product review, instructional videos, educational videos and more.

We have tested all of them with different text as well as stuff involving tonalities and emotions. 

Here are the best:

Best Text To Speech Software [Paid Subscriptions]

descript logo

Describe is one of the best text to speech software that does the best job at cloning voice and speech synthesis. The realistic ai voices elevate content creation to another level with some creativity. 

The longer these recordings, better quality they will produce in terms of accurate sounding voice. The program can transcribe the voice to text and enables super easy edits to fix misspoken words or phrases; all without having to re-record yourself speaking again!

descript interface

The Overdub feature allows you to edit podcasts transcript easily with just a few clicks--no need go back into editing videos.

For podcasters, this is an awesome tool to use.

Main Feature People Like:

  • Human voice cloning 
  • Descript is also a powerful video editor
  • Storyboard mode can break up transcription text to better synch b roll footage exactly where you need them to be, without messing with timeline editor the traditional way.
  • Live audio to text transcription 
  • Replace misspoken words or sentences without having to re-record the whole thing
murf logo

With Murf ai text to speech software, you can upload any recording and generate a professional sounding AI voiceover automatically in just minutes for social media content or for marketing. Choose from 120+ voices that span 20 languages to make your videos stand out on YouTube!

One thing that stands out the most among other text to speech software is the ability to generate ad script for digital marketing. The audio files can then be used on video sales letters to promote products and services.


Upload any recording, fix up the imperfections that happen during recording like noise or interruptions with ease - then generate an automated audio file to use for the final product.

Main Feature People Like:

  • Remove background noise and turn voiceover into super professional audio file

play ht home

Play.ht uses cutting edge artificial intelligence technology to provide an extremely realistic AI voiceover for your content projects. 

Users can change the voice style by selecting the context of the content such as newscaster, conversational, customer support, cheerful and more. In addition, adding emphasis to words using the "tones" feature can make speech more realistic with natural pauses and refined pronunciations.

This is perfect tool for creating e-learning materials in almost every languages in the world. The audio can be downloaded in high quality WAV and MP3 formats to import in your favorite video editing software.

altered ai logo

With Altered.ai text to speech software, you can have a new voiceover every time with just the click of your mouse!

This text to speech tool turns any audio into someone else's live and in real-time so there are no more worries about recordings becoming outdated or unavailable. This is by far the most advanced AI voiceover program even more so than the Descript software. 

altered ai

Not everyone has the voice to go with the content they create, so this is the perfect text to speech software for top tier creators to make unique content without using their own voice.

Main Feature People Like:

  • Adding intonation, prosody and emotion to the speech (Descript can't do it)
  • Talk directly into the mic and change the voice immediately
replica ai logo

Replicastudio text to speech software was built by video game developers to save time and money making AI character voices. The studio's AI model learns how you sound unique over the course of humanannotated speech data, making it easier than ever before for professionals like actors or singers who need quick turnaround on projects with tight deadlines

The process of training our artificial intelligence starts with a talented voice actor who painstakingly goes through hours on end, perfecting their craft. They do this by investing in skills such as pronunciation and emotion which are used to shape the way an AI sounds when it speaks through speech recognition technology like that found within many games or films today.

Replica made our lives much easier by letting us test out voice lines and development builds before we recorded the final version with actors.

Please also check out AI voice changer apps for game character

Main Feature People Like:

  • Compatible with various game development engines like Unreal, iClone 7, Unity and other programs
  • Optimized for game development

resemble ai logo

Resemble.ai features real time text to speech API to build immersive experiences that are more compelling. The program features similar functions like Descript to replace your voice with an artificial one to make natural sounding speech and most people can't tell its made by AI.

The user can dub their voice recording into other languages to reach a broader audience at a much cheaper cost compared to other similar programs. Further more, Resemble can create any high quality custom voice from your data source and enable it speak those foreign dialects automatically with just one tap!

On top of all that good stuff, Resemble.ai features something like the JasperAi writing tool that can automatically generate good copy for videos and ads!

Main Feature People Like:

  • Dub voice into other languages
  • Ad copy generator like Jasper AI
wellsaid logo

Wellsaid is a good professional level AI text to speech tool that still need more features than just providing basic text to speech feature.

The basic version of the program gives access to over 4 voice avatars and 1000's of clips to convert text to speech. From casual spoken word readings for podcasts or blog posts on the fly-by interview style questions that will bring your readers into conversation - all at $49 per month!

wellsaid lab

Main Feature People Like:

  • Custom pronunciation modification for specific words and acronyms

notevibe tts

Notevibes text to speech software features up to 221+ premium female and male profile (25 languages including: English, British English, Australian English, Indian English, German, Spanish , Dutch, French, Italian, Norwegian, Japanese, Danish, Swedish, Polish, Hindi, Russian, Turkish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Korean, Arabic, Greek, Malaysian, Mandarin Chinese)

As the popularity of eLearning continues to grow, TTS voice content can help improve course retention and comprehension by adding a more engaging element rather than just reading words on paper or screens. 

Notevibes can create custom voices and control pitch, speed, and volume to make it more natural to listen to. This way, you can save your time and money by using Notevibes over hiring professional voiceover artists. 


Speechelo is the cheapest entry level Text to speech software options any users can start using without monthly subscription. Some people call it the most basic ai voice generator that anyone can use without costing too much money.

This is a better program than other free Text to speech programs online to create voiceover in your videos.

speechelo interface

The voice quality is a bit flat without much emotions compared to something like Descript, Wellsaid or Altered. Speechelo feature speech speed control for male and female voices, and it works with 24 languages includes English.

But it gets the job done for beginners trying out Text to voice program for the first time.  

Please check out our 8 ways to use text to speech software guide on our site

Main Feature People Like:

  • Simple, fast and affordable

Where Are Text To Speech Software Useful?

Text to speech software can be useful in many things include:

  • Video content
  • E learning materials
  • Content voiceover
  • Character voice design
  • Building Interactive Voice Response 
  • Building AI assistants 
  • Creating ads with AI voiceover
  • Fast audio transcription 
  • and many more

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