How To Clip A YouTube Video And Reuse Them

If you've ever wondered about the possibility of monetizing YouTube content by reusing videos from other creators, this guide is for you.

Contrary to popular belief, YouTube does have clear guidelines that allow for the reuse of content and still get monetized, provided it's done within their stipulated policies. 

Not all YouTube videos are under the Creative Commons license. Only those videos explicitly marked as such can be reused under the terms of that license.

Understanding YouTube's Monetization Policy

The policy provides clarity on how you can legally reuse other people's videos and still get monetized.

The key is to repurpose a segment of someone else's content footage without adding significant original commentary or educational value.  This policy comes straight from Adsense search console part of the Adsense program policies.

What this is saying the content creators who are using other people's content can't just 100% copy the content and post them on their channel. The creator must transform the content in ways to add original thoughts such as reaction, funny ideas. 

How To Download Videos From YouTube To Edit

By default, YouTube doesn't provide a direct download button for its videos due to copyright concerns. Tools and software that enable this function work around the platform's design.

Check out these YouTube video downloader apps

Resources for Content Creation

Several resources are highlighted in the video to aid in content creation:

  • YouTube Monetization Policy
  • Clipchamp for video editing
  • InVideo for video creation (with a special discount code)
  • Speechelo for A.I voiceovers
  • VidIQ for video ranking