8 Ways To Use Text To Speech Software

Here are top 7 ways to use text to speech software beyond what’s being advertised.

AI text to speech technology has never been so good until now. There are many great ways to use this new technology to enhance your content creation and also use it in your business. 

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Turn written content into video content

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If you’re in the content business, but you may not be the voice behind the awesome content you have created. You can leverage AI text to speech software like Speechify to speak what you’ve wrote, or to repurpose a boring text based blog into a exciting evergreen video.

When you do this, you are turning a piece of written content ranking on the search engine into a piece of content that can also rank on video sites to cross promote.

Some even cut out important part of the content and turn them into short videos to share on IG, TikTok and YouTube shorts.

Video is a powerful marketing tool that can help you reach a wider audience and capture their attention. And with AI text to speech software, it's easy to create high-quality video content without spending a lot of money or using your own voice.

If you're looking for a way to freshen up your marketing strategies, consider creating video content using AI text to speech software.

Create background voice over without using your own voice

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Not everyone has the perfect voice to represent a piece of content, and if you don’t like the sound of your own voice, if you’re not the right voice for the content, or simply don't have the time to record a voiceover. 

Some artists are better at creating visual content than audio content, and this will be the perfect time to use AI voiceover software to fill the skill gap.

The user can use AI text to speech technology to create a background voiceover for your video by generating a synthetic voice that will read your script with inflections, tones and emotions.

It’s critical to pair the right voice to the right content to get the point across. Different voices have different vibes to it, and sometimes the wrong voice can completely skew the energy or meaning the content is intended.

Add fun and personality to social media videos without being on camera


There are tons of TikTok and YouTube videos of people narrating news events or social media reaction content using AI voice.

Not everyone is comfortable on camera or have the TV personality to succeed on social media. And these artistic content creators still love to make videos and share ideas.

Identity sensitive creators can also use AI voice to discuss difficult topics such as mental health, religion, political and controversial subjects without tracing back to them in today’s cancel culture.

Finally, they can leverage AI TTS technology to combat being camera shy to create video content they have always wanted to create.

Match a brand voice to a business


As an online business owner, how people associate with the sound of your brand matters. With the rise of digital marketing, more and more businesses are using online video sales letters to promote their products and services. 

With the advent of AI voiceover software, it's easier than ever to create a professional-sounding marketing copy even if you’re the only person working inside your business at the start.

The natural-sounding voice is the key to add a personal touch to your sales letter without having to hire a professional voice actor. 

Best of all, you can use it again and again for future videos, and you can tweak it at anytime you want without asking for outside help.

To get the most out of this technology for a new business owner, we highly recommend checking out ClickFunnel’s Expert Secret FREE book or their FunnelScript software to craft your marketing message. 

Cut cost on voice actors

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Cutting cost on hiring professional voice actors is one of the biggest reasons why AI voiceover technology is so popular to content creators.

You no longer have to wait, or deal with voice actor refuse to read your particular script that they are not comfortable doing.

The creator can easily test out different AI voices to match your video presentation unlimited amount of times without having to occupy their schedule.

Make professional E Learning videos

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AI text to speech technology allows content creators to make various review videos with unlimited amount of voice types based on your business type. 

The amount of time the user save to produce a E learning product dramatically drops when using a good AI voice without having to take multiple retakes.

If you don’t like to use your voice to review a product, you can use AI software to craft natural sounding voice to highlight pros and cons of a product.

Another use of AI voiceover is to craft professional level instructional videos for software applications or products, that sometimes it’s hard to do with a live human voice.

Tip: Use Jasper AI to craft what to say if you’re experiencing script writing block to speed up your production time

Story Telling Voiceover

text to speech for video game character

Video game developers can use text to speech software or voice changer software to craft the perfect voice for their characters without spending days even months finding the right voice actor.

They can quickly come up with something and see if it's the right fit without wasting time or money.

Create motivational videos

motivational videos

Everyone comes from different walks of life, and some people really want to share their thoughts, but they just don't have the personality or the voice to make their message sound powerful.

Use AI text technology to create motivational videos with voiceover, and the content creator who doesn't want to be on camera can now say the things they always wanted to share without showing your identity.

These content can be about personal growth, dealing with hardship, parenting, war stories, historical events, and many more.

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