How To Enable Text-To-Speech On TikTok

Do you wonder how to do the voice thing on TikTok videos?

Here is how to enable text to speech on TikTok. You will find the process easy and can do it by following a few steps. Once you know how to achieve this, you can make your TikTok videos more funny or instructional.

How To Do Voiceover Text On TikTok

You will find it easy if you have an iPhone. You can update the operating system of your device to the latest version.

  1. Enable the text to speech on the app
  2. Type the text that you want to record.
  3. Record the video,
  4. Edit it, and add a subtitle. 
  • Visit the Done menu available at the bottom of the app.
  • Find the Save tab and select the option.
  • Select the desired voice. Also, you will have the option to change the speed of the speaking. You can also change the Save video and save your video into the Camera Roll.

How to Add Text to Speech on TikTok Video

tiktok tts

The text to speech feature of TikTok contributes to the increasing popularity of this app. You can record videos and convert them into speech. You will have to use an automated voice while converting videos into speech.

Here are the steps for this process:

  • Record your video with the normal video-making process
  • Use the text box and type the text you want to convert into speech
  • The automated voice will read your typed text
  • After this step, you can visit the open menu
  • Choose the text to speech option

It will work when you have enabled the text-to-speech feature on your device. However, you will find the process simple. First, you can record your video to convert it into speech. You can type the text if you do not want to record it.

By following these simple steps, you can convert text to speech. You can use the text to speech feature of TikTok to listen to your videos.

tts tiktok

Write the text you want to hear, and then press the Done button. You will find this button at the right corner of your screen. Once you press the button, it will convert the written text into a voice. Also, you can record the audio without video and listen to your video only.

TikTok has many advanced features to make videos funny and inspiring for visitors. You will have to use the correct ones to get maximum benefits. Also, the above feature is available both on iOS and Android devices.

You can use this accessible tool to record and convert the text into speech within seconds. Besides, it can entertain all those suffering from vision issues and poor eyesight. You can expect better exposure with this feature and grab the attention of people with disability.

How to Change Text to Speech Voice on TikTok video

Changing the voice is one of the unique features of TikTok. You can change your voice and add life to the video. Use the voice changing section and change the voice to fit the character in videos.

Here are the steps on how to get automated voice on TikTok:

  1. Use the latest version of the app to get benefited from all the advanced features
  2. Record the video for TikTok
  3. Use the Text button available at the bottom of the screen and type the text you want for your video
  4. Press and hold onto that text until the text to speech option appears
  5. Choose the voice that you want for your character and select it