5 Best Text To Speech Software For Marketing & Business

If you're a business owner wanting to present your business in a professional way, here are the 4 best text to speech software for marketing to try.

These software packages can create a brand and marketing voice for your business without hiring voice actors or using your own voice.

Descript - Best Overall

descript logo

Descript AI is an all in one text to speech audio editing tool for content creators, marketers, and podcasaters. The software uses the Lyrebird AI technology to deliver the most realistic AI voice and speech editing application that is absolutely needed in the online marketing world.

50 Stock Voices - Choose among 50 pre-built voice avatar to present your marketing message and make sales

Create Powerful Audio Copywriting - Turn written words that sell into audio, and use it on platforms like YouTube and TikTok to reach your potential audience with more influence

You Don't Need To Use Your Voice - Descript AI solves the problem for business owners who don't have the voice behind their brand or to deliver the marketing message. Create various voicemail messages and other advertising creatives right at your fingertips.

Edit Mis-spoken Words - Just highlight the misspoken words and replace it. This is extremely helpful for correcting miscommunicated things on audio or podcast interviews without having to re-record the whole thing again.

AI Voice Cloning - Lyrebird AI has the ability to collect audio samples of your voice and generate text to speech that just sound like you (User must provide verbatim audio consent to generate AI clone)

Murf.ai - Features AI Ad Creation Tool

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Murf.ai is a comprehensive text to speech software like Descript and it comes with a video editor, so the user can do the work all in one place. This program is a powerful voiceover tool that can be used in many different ways. It's perfect for adding background music and narration to your videos, presentations or even eLearning courses!

The overall software interface is easy to navigate and self-explanatory to get what you need to get done.

YouTube / Vimeo Imports - Import videos directly from YouTube and voiceover edit them right away

100 Voices for 15 languages - Users can pick among adult and child voices for male and female. 

AI Ad Writer - The powerful AI ad creator works like the Jasper AI writing tool to craft marketing copies with just a few clicks (Works very well if you're stuck not knowing what to write or say)\

Custom Tonality - This separates Murf.ai from others. Users can edit the spoken words by adding prosody, pitch and emotion to make the ad copy and audiobooks more impactful

Accent Included - Yes, the users can change the accent style and have the AI read it out like a real human

Voice Swap - The user can change the recorded voice and swap it with a more professional voice without background noise or disruptions.

Altered.ai - Best Real Time Voice Changer

altered ai logo

Altered.ai is a top tier text to speech product for all types of content creators especially for story tellers. The program can do everything other programs can do, and it features real time voice changing capability to turn a boring voice into a voice to fit your project. 

This means content creators who don't have the voice to match their work can now do it without hiring voice actors, or waiting on their schedule

Instant Voice Change - Speak into the mic and instantly change the voice into someone your audience want to hear

Professional Voiceover - Clone voice or replace a boring voice into professional business sounding voice

For Game Developers - Create powerful character voices or story telling in the video game development industry with a small team

DeepFake - Create deepfake videos for entertainment among your friends (Voice clone consent required)

WellSaid Labs - Gets The Job Done

wellsaid logo

Wellsaid's AI-powered text to speech solution can create voiceovers for any digital content, converting even complex sentences into engaging YouTube videos with professional quality. The company offers a robust API that makes it easy integrate their services into apps and products across all major platforms including iOS , Android or Windows Phone .

For online marketing projects that need an voice without  a creepy sounding robots, this is a good ground text to speech software to try.

It's very good for eLearning Professionals Marketing Teams HR Departments Internal Training Projects without spending a ton of money. Cancel at any time.

Custom Pronunciations - Adjust words the software might mispronounce 

Tons of Voice Avatars - Choose voice avatar just like other text to speech applications

Conversational Voice - Choose between normal conversational or advertising voice tonalities

Synthesia.io - Total AI Package

Synthesia is an extremely easy-to-use video marketing software that eliminates the need to hire voice actors or the presentor on camera. It's simply a deepfake software to create professional narration videos for E learning materials, marketing, introduction videos and more

Choose Custom Avatar - Use any pre-built real human avatar to present your script

Supports Up To 50 Languages - Use AI presenter to read out the script you wrote and Synthesia will generate a professional video in less than 10 mins

Human Alike - Accents sound native and there is nothing like this.

Real Voice Cloning - It works like DescriptAI to create AI voice clone

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