How to Turn A Book to Audiobook

Here is how to turn a book to audiobook at home without spending a tons of money. If you want to convert your written books into audio format to sell on audible, this guide is for you.

Use AI text-to-speech software to turn any book into audiobook - Easiest Way

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Convert a text book to audio book is extremely easy when using the program Speechify

It can convert large size E book into an audiobook, and it can also read it to you.

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Many of the newest software download programs that include text-to-speech programs are relative newcomers to the field of audiobook narration. And they are way better than anything we have seen before. 

This is the most cost effective way to convert book to audiobook at scale. 

Selecting a good AI text-to-speech program

Don't waste your time on a free online text to speech program. You need a service that you subscribe to for a monthly charge for the best quality to present for audiobooks. The finished text-to-audio belongs to you and is then downloaded to your PC.

Choosing a respected AI service provider

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Many of the top-tier AI text-to-speech services range from Descript, Speechify, Murf, Synthesis, and and all have a price range that is much more affordable for getting a professional-sounding AI voice.

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Cost Breakdown

Creating a home recording studio isn't as pricy as it used to be, but is still an optimal choice for getting the best results.

A professional recording area without sound bouncing off surfaces is important to ensure good sound quality on top of using a good mic. Recording software is often found very easily for PCs or laptops but these home studio set-ups all depend on the accessories you'll need. Here is how to convert books to audiobooks using a tried and true method:

Recording equipment

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This should include a good recording microphone, headphones, and a microphone spit filter'. A spit filter helps reduce secondary noise such as your breath being picked up by the microphone that would be more difficult to remove using filter software on a PC. Nearly any microphone will work, but for reading a book, it should be mounted to a stand with an adjustable microphone attachment.

All of the connections that go into a computer for an audio recording should be compatible with PCs. This can be difficult if you have music recording equipment that would need special audio jacks that will fit into a PC input. Headphones allow someone who is recording files on the PC to listen to the sound level easier. A voice actor will also need headphones to hear their speaking voice through what the microphone picks up.

Hired voice actor

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Voice actors are paid by the hour and can be pricy depending on who is hired and what their standard rate happens to be. They will also require scheduled breaks for when they are working throughout the day. Often, it may be required to record more than one sentence if there are speaking mistakes or fumbles during the recording session. This can be a costly addition if your actor has a cough or their throat is getting dry.

Technical editing and completion

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It can take several hours to clean up and edit the audio to compile a completed audio file. In addition to the cost of a studio set-up, voice actor or hired reader, and editing everything together, the outgoing costs can be expensive but not completely in vain. Depending on the effort put into an audiobook recording, the quality of the final version will have a specific feel that fits the theme and mood of the book that's being recorded.

Time-saving costs

There is a cost-efficient side to creating text-to-speech audiobooks but will also encounter potential pitfalls for sounding monotone and otherwise boring to listen to.

The cost savings are obviously faster and cheaper, but the quality is compromised by the lack of an actual voice actor reading a book. And though the AI technology is getting near-perfect for distinguishing between AI speakers and real voice actors, the difference can be heard in longer sentences overall.

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