Does Youtube Monetize Text to Speech Videos [2022]

Does YouTube monetize text to speech videos in 2022? There are lot of questions like this online, and here is the deal:

Yes you can monetize text to speech videos on YouTube only if the content itself is valuable. In order to monetize your YouTube videos containing text to speech audio. It's important to create valuable content that aren't just duplicating content already exist on the internet.

For those content with TTS that got demonetized, there is a high chance that the content itself was against YouTube content policy.

youtube monetize tts

There is a difference between valuable content vs scammy content that violates YouTube's content policy.

For example, A well made historic content about WWII with good visuals using AI text to speech audio is totally fine. On the other hand, a short video that incentives click bait with AI text to speech is NOT okay, which will lead to account ban or video deletion.

youtube account banned

What Not To Do

Always create YouTube content that provide helpful information regardless of what voice is behind the video.

A 2 second long Super Bowl cellphone video with a real person talking behind the camera can be viewed as scammy content even though it's real.

The best chance of getting your YouTube video monetized is to use non robotic sounding voice. 

We highly recommend check out our top 6 AI voiceover tools here on our site.

Examples Of Successful YouTube Channels With TTS Voiceover

Here are some successful YouTube channels with TTS that are monetized.

  • Radio TTS
  • Daily Remedies
  • SANQ4
  • PattSun
  • Reddit Aliens
  • Updoot Everything
  • rSlash

What Should I Do If I Don't Want To Use My Own Voice

Use Realistic Sounding TTS

It's totally fine if you don't want to use your own voice in your video, but you must use text to speech software that doesn't sound robotic. 

Our best options are:

  • Wellsaid
  • Descript
  • Notevibes

These software creates natural sounding voice like Google's WaveNet technology that is used in Google Assistant, Google Search and Google Translate.

Create Good Content

Creating good content with text to speech means NOT using robotic sounding voice for the entire duration of the video covering topics that many people have already done.

Valuable content that actually gets traffic and engagement takes work and effort to answer people's questions, show interesting b rolls, show unique visuals and editing process.

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