How To Make Youtube Automation Videos

In this blog article, we will explore the four simple steps that have propelled their journey from zero to one million dollars. Whether you're an aspiring content creator or someone looking to automate your YouTube channel, pairing it with a good AI voiceover or human voiceover to jump start your project.

Selecting the Perfect Niche

The key factor for creating a successful faceless YouTube automation channel is to present current or previously known information in a completely new perspective. It's similar to making reaction videos with a lot more professional edits.

The most crucial and often overlooked step in YouTube automation is selecting the perfect niche. Our author emphasizes the importance of conducting thorough research when choosing a niche. It's vital to analyze the competition within the chosen niche and assess the number of people actively searching for related content.

A significant audience size, ranging from one to two million monthly searches, indicates a promising potential viewership. By focusing on the audience's interests rather than personal passion, content creators can set themselves up for long-term success.

Top 10 Faceless YouTube Automation Channels

Once you have decided the niche to go into, stick with it and you can use traditional Adobe Creative Suit to create the video or using Pictory. These are highly recommend software package to edit videos.

Creating A Script

Faceless YouTube videos aren't new. It's basically like creating documentary videos with a story behind it. Crafting a good video narration script that tells a story and keep the audience engaged. 

For the best viewer retention on YouTube, keep the script length within 8 to 12 minutes.

When creating a script, we highly recommend first gather as much facts as possible, then use the right ChatGPT prompt to structure the script into a voiceover script that sounds nice when being narrated.

Collecting Footage

Collecting footage maybe the most challenging part of the entire process because it takes time and effort to find the right footage to go into your edits.

Some professionals will go out there and film their own shots if they can't find them. If you are using other people's content, be sure to credit them and not copy them under the fair use policy of YouTube.

Remember to always match the video to the timeline of the script to the audience to follow along.

Adding Voice Over

Finally, adding AI voiceover to your faceless YouTube channel is totally okay and monetizable, as long as the voiceover quality isn't robotic. There are many high end AI voiceover generator like ElevenLabs, Murf, WellSaid, Descript and more.

If you want to take it step further, you can always hire a human narrator to read out your script for the best result.

When hiring human narrators, it's important to get a sample of their work before committing them to an entire project for long term success. It's best to stick with a few voices that can represent your channel brand.

Creating Thumbnail For High Click Through Rate

The final step is to use a high click through rate video thumbnail to get the viewers attention on YouTube.

The thumbnail is just as important as a magazine cover. It must spark the viewers' interest before they decide to click on their video recommendation tab or search.

Remember, YouTube is a powerful search engine as well as a recommendation engine. Your video will be served to more people if the thumbnail is perfected. 

Leveraging the Likeness of Others

By tapping into the existing fan bases of celebrities or athletes, content creators can attract a larger audience. The author suggests incorporating well-known figures like LeBron James, Steph Curry, or John Moran into content within the NBA niche.

Additionally, keeping an eye on celebrity news and drama can be a fruitful strategy for channels focusing on the music industry. By capitalizing on trending topics and controversies, content creators can ride the wave of public interest and increase viewership.

By creating videos based on these viral posts, content creators can tap into the already established popularity of those stories. The posts' existing traction on other platforms indicates their potential to attract a substantial viewership on YouTube.

Embracing Influencer Marketing through Brand Deals

A significant advantage of running a faceless YouTube automation channel is the appeal it holds for numerous companies seeking brand deals. Influencer marketing has become a go-to strategy for brands looking to promote their products or services to a vast audience.

By developing a loyal following, content creators gain the trust and support of their viewers. This trust makes the audience more inclined to purchase products and services endorsed by the channel.

As a result, companies are eager to collaborate with channels that have a substantial viewership, even without a visible personality. Brand deals have the potential to elevate a content creator's monthly income from $10,000 to $100,000 rapidly.

By positioning themselves strategically and attracting brands willing to invest substantial amounts of money, content creators can achieve substantial financial gains.

Doubling Down and Replicating Success

Once a viral post or video garners significant attention and engagement, content creators need to analyze its success and replicate it. Understanding why people clicked on the content and what kept them engaged is crucial for recreating success.

Content creators should use the viral content as a blueprint and create remixes or variations that revolve around the same topic.

By building a catalog of videos similar to the successful one, content creators can ensure a consistent flow of engaging content that attracts and retains viewers over the long term. This strategy allows for the establishment of a reliable source of revenue, generating passive income without active involvement.