How to Create Captivating Reels Using AI Tools

Are you ready to take your videos to the next level and create captivating reels that leave your viewers wanting more and also profit from YouTube?

This article, we'll show you how to create just that. Using a combination of AI tools, we'll guide you through five simple steps to generate scripts, create captivating audio, design unique characters, and animate them to bring your video to life.

Step 1: Generating the Script with Chat GPT

The foundation of any great video is a compelling script that captures your audience's attention and keeps them engaged throughout.

To create this, we'll be using Chat GPT, a powerful language model that can generate text on a specific topic.

Once generated, we can add our personal touch to it, modifying and customizing it according to our needs. The result will be a unique and engaging foundation for our video.

In order to learn to generate good script using ChatGPT, you can't just use simple prompts. Learn how to generate good scripts here.

Step 2: Creating Captivating Audio with 11 Labs

With our script in hand, it's time to bring it to life with captivating audio. For this, we'll turn to 11 Labs, a fantastic tool that provides a variety of voice options. Take your time to explore the different voices and select the one that best suits your video's tone and style.

Remember, you also have the option to customize the voice's settings, such as pitch, speed, and adding effects, to enhance the audio quality. Once you've found the perfect voice, paste your script into the text box, and 11 Labs will work its magic to generate a high-quality voiceover.

Step 3: Designing a Unique Character with Lexica

Now that we have our script and audio, it's time to create a unique character that will bring our video to life.

Enter Lexica, a website that offers a wide range of image search and generation options. Simply type in your search term, and you'll be presented with numerous images to choose from.

Take your time to browse through the options until you find the perfect character that aligns with your video's concept.

For added personalization, feel free to customize the character further, adding accessories, adjusting colors, or combining multiple images. Once satisfied, download the character image to use later.

Step 4: Animating Your Character with Doodly

With our character ready, it's time to give it life through animation. For this, we'll use Doodly, an animation tool that allows you to upload your character or select one from its library.

Additionally, you can either upload the audio file directly or write the script manually, and Doodly's AI tool will generate the audio for you.

Once everything is set, click on "generate," and watch as your character comes to life with lip-syncing and facial expressions that match the audio. It's the final touch to make your video truly captivating.

Step 5: Removing Watermarks with

Now that we have our animated video, there might be a watermark on it if we used Doodly. But don't worry, there's a solution for that too.

Enter, a helpful AI tool that allows you to remove watermarks from videos. 

Simply upload your video to the tool, carefully select the Doodly watermark within the frame, and start the process. will work its magic and remove the watermark, leaving you with a clean and professional-looking video.