6 Best Text To Speech APP For Iphone

Here is the 6 best text to speech app for Iphone users. Download them from on the Apple store right now


speechify app

The Speechify app let's you comprehend a large block of text fast by listening. This enables users to power through any docs, articles, PDFs, email and not miss anything.

This app makes listening super easy. No need to struggle through pages of text when you can have an articulate voice read it aloud in minutes. With just one click, your work will be transformed into high-quality audio.

speechify app

Yes, the user can also scan a paragraph using the smartphone camera and let it read it.

Text to speech programs like this boost your understanding and focus. Remember more of what you read.

voice dream reader app

Voice Dream Reader is a powerful and innovative app that lets you listen to any document using text-to speech. It has been awarded by Apple as one of the best new apps on 2021 release, with an ability for users also enjoy listening through audiobooks in MP3 or even Google Docs!

voice dream reader app

Get through your content 2-3x faster than it takes to read it.

voice aloud reader logo

Voice Aloud Reader makes it easy to enjoy reading any document without having your hand cramped from holding the device. It also works in multi-task mode so you can have a PDF reader pulled up along with highlighting and making notes while listening!

narrator voice tts app

Narrator's Voice is a great app to turn text into an audio file. You can choose between MP3s or videos and it has tons of effects like echo, gargle etc., which will make your video come alive!



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Pocket's built-in text to speech read aloud app for iphone that allows you to listen to text easily. You can hand off reading duties by converting anything from news stories or blog posts into an audio format so that way no matter what device is in use.

Natural-Reader logo

This app includes both free and paid versions, with the paid version offering more features. In addition to a variety of different voices, NaturalReader also allows you to create custom pronunciations for words, and save articles for offline listening.

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If you want the high tier text to speech software for content creation, please check out programs like Descript AI here