Top 6 Text To Speech Animation Software

Are you an animation artists that want to bring your work to life? Once the visual is done, here are 6 text to speech animation software to to make your work more influential to your audience.

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invideo turn text into video

In video is a simple and easy to use video editing software like Adobe Rush, but it's much easier and flexible. Users can create professional looking videos by using 5000+ different templates, transitions and effects.

For animation projects, InVideo allows the creator to turn a text based content or other existing web content to video. Yes! turn text to video with much simpler timeline editor.

The program will automatically find relevant videos to fit a particular part of the text script or you can upload your own B roll footage.

All the E learning videos, documentary and motivational videos online are done with software like this.

steve ai

In addition to its powerful text-to-animation capabilities, also makes it very easy for users to add their own footage to their videos. The platform features a built-in storyboard system that allows users to easily organize and plan out their video scenes.

Once the user has created a storyboard, they can easily add their own footage, such as live-action shots or images, to specific scenes. The software will automatically integrate the footage into the animation, ensuring a seamless transition between the two types of content.

This feature makes an ideal solution for creating videos that combine animation with live-action footage, such as explainer videos, product demos, or promotional videos. It also allows users to add a personal touch to their videos and make them more engaging and relatable.


Descript is known for it's amazing text to speech technology as well as it's AI voice cloning capability. If you or someone else has the perfect voice for the animated videos, or multi-series animation videos. You can clone your voice with Descript Lyrebird AI technology.

Creators can quickly type up a script and have the AI clone read it. This saves time and you don't have to do retakes over and over again.

In addition, the new Descript Stroyboard feature allows the creator to perfectly match the video's timing directly based on the text on screen without mess around with traditional timeline editor or mark dialogue cues . 


Murf is another top tier quality text to speech program that offers up to 20+ languages and accents. You can choose over 120 AI voice avatars you can use for your animation videos.

Whether you are creating animated instructional videos or product launch videos, Murf also features script crafting software to come up with what to say if you're stuck not knowing what to write.

Murf also makes it easy to match the timing of your voice over with video. You can create an audio file for each scene in a video, and set its perfect pace without any editing skills required!

animaker voice editor

Yes, Animaker Voice has a freemium model that allows users to try out and download voice overs for free. This is a powerful text to speech program as well as a versatile video editor.

The best part about Animaker Voice is how easy it is to edit the tone of the voice for whatever animation video projects you have. This include pauses, emphasis, pitch and many more to make the voice behind the video more believable.

Animaker Voice is the choice for making animated text videos like this:

animaker voice templates

For project report, instructional videos, onboarding, webinars and so much more to make any plain text video interesting.

doodle animation maker

Doodle Maker offers super fast AI text to speech video animation technology for various content purposes to drive views and clicks. 

With the help of Doodle Maker, creators can make Sketch Animated videos, Whiteboard animation videos, tutorial videos, training videos, and Marketing or Promotional video

The software can also quickly process any text script into spoken words (Of course, you can also import audio file you want)

Once the creator is familiar with the program, animated videos can be made in seconds with relevant footage to match the script. This saves time and money.