How Does Lyrebird AI Work

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Lyrebird AI is a sophisticated machine learning tool that creates the most realistic artificial voices in the world.

Overall, the Lyrebird AI is an advanced text-to speech synthesis engine that can create digital versions of someone's voice by using only a small audio sample. In addition, the software includes tools for transcription and screen recording.

The name Lyrebird is also the name of the research division within Descript. It builds a new generation of media tools for sound editing and synthesis to make professional content creation more accessible.

How Does AI Text To Speech Work

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Lyrebird AI uses the power of artificial intelligence machine learning engine to learn how a person's voice sounds from one sound file, and then mimic them with pinpoint accuracy.

The software is called "text-informed speech inpainting," which appropriately enough involves painting over text rather than actually reading it when generating new words for output purposes. 

What Can Lyrebird AI Do For Content Creator?

Lyrebird AI offers an affordable and easy way to add quality narration for your content without using your own voice or hiring voice actor. The program is great because it can create professional sounding Voiceovers, as well as produce high-quality video with images that fit seamlessly into the background of any project!

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If you don’t have a good recording setup or want to narrate videos in English but feel self-conscious about your thick accent, these voice packs are the perfect solution.

People who benefit this software are:

  • Podcasters
  • Video editor
  • Marketers
  • Educational content creator
  • Historic content narration
  • Social media content narration
  • Brand voice preservation due to aging
  • Audio book creation
  • Many other creative projects  
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Please visit the official Descript website and download the software. This will allow you to use Lyrebird AI along with some of the other tools on offer. The software is free to download but some of the features require a subscription, which start at $12/mo.

How Does Lyrebird AI Clone A Voice

Descript's Overdub lets you turn your voice into anything! With the click of one button, it is easy for anyone to create their own unique AI speaking profile.

In order to create an accurate AI voice clone of yourself, the more data sample you provide helps to make that happen.

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In addition, Overdub is a powerful editing tool that allows the editor to fix an record mistake instead of having to go back into the studio. Just type any words that are missing from your recording, or replace those words with the AI clone of that person.

Is Lyrebird Safe to Use?

It's always your responsibility to use AI voice cloning technology wisely.

Anyone who submits their voice samples must agree to the terms and conditions that the voice sample can be used to negative ways to impact you.

Some may deepfake your voice by saying things you have never said before.

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