8 Best Script To Video Software

Here are 8 best script to video software to help video editors speed up the content creation process.


Pictory is an AI-powered script-to-video software that makes it extremely easy to insert B-roll footage based on keywords. With its user-friendly interface, you can quickly and easily generate videos from written scripts without the need for a credit card to sign up. In addition, you can add images, music, and voiceovers to enhance your videos. With the ability to easily insert B-roll footage based on keywords, Pictory makes it simple to elevate your video production.


Steve.ai is a script-to-video software that uses AI to automatically create videos from written scripts. It uses natural language processing (NLP) to understand the script, and then generates an animated video based on the script's content. The software allows users to customize the animation, add voice-over, music, and sound effects. Steve.ai can be used for creating explainer videos, product demos, and more. It's simple to use and generate videos in minutes.


DescriptAI is a platform that offers a feature called "Storyboard" which allows users to turn content script to video super fast.

The feature allows users to create a timeline of the audio or video, and add notes, labels, and keywords to specific segments of the content. This makes it easier to navigate and understand the content, and can be useful for tasks such as transcription, translation, and content analysis. Additionally, the Storyboard feature also allows users to collaborate with others by sharing the project, and leaving comments and feedback on the specific segments of the content. 


Elevate your e-learning materials to the next level with Synthesia. This advanced AI script to video tool allows you to create captivating human AI video and bringing your script to life with a virtual avatar that seamlessly lip syncs to the narration. 

Say goodbye to boring e-learning and hello to an interactive, dynamic and memorable learning experience for your students. With Synthesia, educators and trainers can enhance the learning experience for their students.


Easily create professional-quality whiteboard animated videos from scripts with VideoScribe's user-friendly software. Its simple drag-and-drop interface allows you to add illustrations, images, and text to the animation, creating a variety of videos including explainer videos, product demos, and more. Access our library of professional-quality animated video and GIF templates for every topic and occasion and customize it with just a click. You can share your creation in under 5 minutes!

Make your data and statistics come to life and ensure your audience understands your message with our animated infographic templates. Customizing them is fast and easy, just click to edit the text and images and hit publish to start sharing!

Create engaging 2D video content for a variety of uses, such as showcasing business benefits, education and training with VideoScribe's search, drag, and drop functionality, even for beginners.


Vyond is a tool that makes it super easy to create video content from script to videos without having to go through a complicated production process. It's like making a PowerPoint, but for videos. With Vyond, you can quickly make videos by using pre-made templates and dragging and dropping different elements.

Plus, you can get feedback and make changes along the way. And the best part is, you can easily find assets that are relevant to your industry or job, and use AI to make it even better. Also, Vyond helps you keep your videos in line with your company's branding and style guidelines.


Moovly is a tool that makes it easy for small business owners to convert blog post article script to videos in any style. It's customizable, which means you can make it look like it's your own internal video creation platform. You can use it to make video ads, product videos, or company videos that match your company's brand style. It can save you time and money by using pre-made templates or by using media assets from Moovly's libraries. And, with Moovly's new product video maker, you can even sell more, faster and better on Amazon by connecting your account to the platform and making product videos in minutes


Wideo is an online animation software that excels in turning blog articles script into animated videos. It offers a wide range of customizable templates, characters, and backgrounds to make your video look unique and professional.

With Wideo, you can easily add illustrations, images, and text to your animation, and make your blog articles come to life. It's simple to use even for those without any prior animation experience. It's an ideal tool to enhance your content marketing strategy and reach a wider audience by repurposing your blog articles in an engaging animated format


What's The Best For Script Writing

You can create top-quality video scripts with JasperAI and ChatGPT. To generate the best script, we recommend guiding the AI with the right commands and carefully reviewing the results before proceeding. Never prompt the AI to write a topic on the first try without auditing it.

With a little practice, you'll master the art of prompting the AI to write scripts, and the possibilities for creating engaging content will be endless.

Take the lead in creating compelling video scripts by guiding JasperAI and ChatGPT with the right prompts and auditing the output to ensure accuracy and quality. Once you master the art of prompting, the possibilities for creating various types of storyboards for engaging content are endless.

How Do I Turn A Script Into A video

Turning a text script into a video is very easy. What the software does is to break up the script into scenes. Each script scene has highlighted keywords that the software will find the most relevant videos from its large database. So the right parts of the video matches what's being presented on the screen.

Adding B roll footage to the right parts of the storyboard has never been so easy with a tool like this.

The tool is best used when the human editor guides it along the way for the best result.