8 Best Dictation Software in 2022

Here are 8 best dictation software to help you take notes and transcribe documents most simply and easily possible. Besides, it makes typing easy and helps you gather information instantly. Previously, people didn't use dictation apps because they produce errors with lesser accurate results.

Dragon Speech Recognition

Dragon Professional is the way to go. This software has gardened a lot of appreciation when it comes to maintaining the highest standard in speech recognition.

Dragon Professional helps you in transcribing and dictating with greater speed and accuracy, unlike other software. Besides, it works well with a variety of accents and gives you accurate results regardless of noisy situations. This software is best for lawyers, healthcare professionals, students, and others who are looking to transcribe information securely. Also, it can manage cloud documents with ease.

The best part about the software is that it uses voice commands to function effectively and transcribes with 99% accuracy. In addition, the deep learning technology allows the program to adapt to the user's voice and environmental variations when dictating. Because of intuitive features called Smart Format Rules, the software can configure specific items such as phone numbers, dates, etc.

The price of the software varies for students and professionals.

Dragon Home is intended for students and comes with a one-time price of $155. Whereas, organizations have to pay for a yearly subscription that starts at $116 per user annually. Moreover, there is s free trial of 7 days to test its features.


Otter is best for transcribing speeches intended for students and researchers. Otter's AVI technology (Ambient Voice Intelligence) allows the software to learn while you speak.

Apart from that, you can use the software without issues thanks to its intuitive interface. In addition, it supports collaboration features such as user management, sharing voiceprints, and syncs with Zoom with ease. The live transcribe is another noteworthy feature.

Otter can also identify multiple speakers, and know how to transition between speakers and those would be underlined in the final transcribed text. You can use Otter to acquire a small duration transcript in a business meeting.

Otter comes in three packages: the Free version, the Premium version which costs $8.33 per month per user, and the Teams version which costs $20 per month per user. Also, you can request a customized Enterprise plan.


Braina is an amazing voice-to-text software that comes with virtual assistance features as well. This software allows you to use language commands to perform different tasks by controlling your computer. And, you can do them all from a single-window environment. This software can help you a lot when performing sophisticated calculations, looking for information online, taking down notes, and many more.

In addition, it provides you with customized voice commands that make it easier for you to automate all your repetitive tasks. When it comes to voice-to-text features, this software supports dictation in more than 90 languages such as German, English, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, Japanese, and so on. In addition, the results are 99% accurate.

Braina comes in three versions: The Free version, Braina Pro costs $49 annually, and the Braina Pro Lifetime version which costs $139.

Speech Notes

The best part about Speech Notes is that it is simple to use and works great with a wide range of languages. You can use Speech Notes on any website. Besides, the keyboard shortcuts allow you to start or stop the recording while making everything a breeze. In addition, the software works on Outlook and Gmail to send long emails with ease.

Moreover, Speech Notes allow you to export your transcription to Google Drive as well. The software is easy to use and you don't even have to make an account to use it. Just open the software, select the microphone, and start transcribing. Also, you can dictate formatting and punctuation marks by using voice commands.

The basic version of Speech Notes doesn't cost you a dime. However, the Premium Chrome extension would cost you $9.99 and it contains additional features too.


Winscribe helps dictate text right on your iOS or Android devices. Based in New Zealand, Winscribe is a dictation software company owned by Nuance and it allows you to transcribe documents and review them as well directly on your smartphone. Apart from that, it provides workflow documentation management that organizes dictated text with ease.

Winscribe is one of the best document management and speech recognition applications intended for professionals. If you are the owner of an organization, you can use the software to allow your staff to become more productive.

The cost per year per user for Winscribe transcription services starts at $284, or $24 per month per user for 1 to 9 users. Besides, discounts are available if you want the software for a large workforce. However, a free trial is included to test the features of Winscribe.

Apple Dictation

If you are an Apple user, you can use the in-built dictation features like Apple Dictation.

Apple's dictation feature lets you write a document or dictate a message with ease by using any of your Mac devices. The best part about this in-built feature is that you can use it with other applications that help you with types such as presentation apps, social media websites, word processors, and many more. Besides, it has multi-language capabilities as well.

The Apple dictation functionality is more or like similar to Microsoft's speech recognition app that you can find on Windows operating system. However, Mac users can use this feature to transcribe text on almost every website or application. Because the feature learns from your voice characteristics and adapts accordingly, it would get better with continuous usage.

The Apple dictation feature is free to use.

Gboard Voice typing

There is no denying about Google's keyboard is one of the most popular keyboard apps that you find around. While it comes with plenty of intuitive features, it has reliable speech recognition functionalities as well.

Gboard allows you to use your voice for almost anything such as responding to texts or writing emails. Gboard Voice Typing works great with all Android apps that make use of text input. Working on it is pretty easy and all you need to do is tap on the microphone and begin dictating after the "speak now" comes to your screen.

Besides, you can use Gboard's feature to replace certain words in documents or even in text messages. Just select the word, tap the microphone, and you are good to go. After you see the "speak now" option, say the new word and the app will replace it with the existing one.

Because Gboard comes bundled with Android, you don't have to pay anything for the feature.


e-Speaking is dictation software that lets you control your Windows operating system.

Through this app, you can replace the functionalities of a mouse and keyboard with ease. This app allows you to browse windows, open applications, and craft documents by using your voice commands.

This software has more than 100 in-built commands and comes with 26 dictation variations in voice commands. The best part is that you can integrate it with Microsoft Office as well. That's because it is based on the SAPI speech engine from Microsoft. In addition, e-Speaking is one of the excellent apps for Windows devices that can dictate emails and letters while controlling the operating system.

The full version of the software costs $14. But you can try it for 30 days without the need to pay anything.