Top 5 Russian Text To Speech Programs

For those those who want to add authentic Russian voiceover to their video content, here are the 5 best Russian text to speech programs that can process Cyrillic script and Russian Braille.

Some are free, and some are paid. Preview them all and see which one you like the most: can turn Russian text to speech in Proto-balto-slavic, Proto slavic or old east slavic.  One of the features that matter lot in Murf is the ability to stress specific words and add that emphasis when speaking to make the spoken word more natural.

murf russian

The user can also control the speaking tone in Russian by Increase or decrease the pitch of the AI voice, This is the key to convey the information in the best way you want to.

Murf TTS software offers up to 130+ AI voices across different accents and tonalities for you to choose from. With these options, your videos will come alive with synthetic speech that sounds like the real thing!

Murf also features the perfect video editor for those looking to add a little something extra including crafting marketing messages for businesses.

russian text to speech

If you're looking for a super fast Russian text to speech application online, you should definitely check out uses artificial intelligence technology to provide an extremely realistic voiceover for your Russian script.

play ht russian ai avatars features 8 premium Russian AI voice avatars that sound very native and 10 standard ones that don't sound robotic.

This is perfect tool for creating e-learning materials or for just adding an interesting audio dimension to your text. And because it's all based on text, there's no need to worry about recording long audio files - just type out what you want to say and will take care of the rest. 


Speechelo is the cheapest option available for people just starting to play around with Text to speech software. Speechelo can turn text to speech for 23 languages including Russian.

The user can change simple pitch and speed control to vary the sound of the AI speech.

Speechelo is a one time payment software (No recurring billing)

russian text to speech software can produce very natural sounding Indo-European Russian audio for E learning materials and many other types of professional videos.

The AI avatar profile can speak the Russian Cyrillic text, and the AI person in the video will speak it with matching lip and facial movements. 

The overall accuracy is pretty good, and the imperfection is less noticeable when the video is rendered in a small pixel size.

russian text to speech notevibes

Notevibes is another great AI voiceover platform that can turn Russian language into spoken words. The best part about Notevibes is the ability to edit speech speed, pitch, pauses and emphasis right inside the text to audio editor.

Once completed, just hit save and download the MP3 file to use in your video editor.

The audio generated by Notevibes can be used in all of your content, and all intellectual rights belong to you.