6 Best Korean Text To Speech Programs

Here are the 6 best Korean text to speech programs to make Korean voiceover content or other translated video content.

Most of these are paid programs that offer high fidelity voices that are as native sounding as they can be.

Korean text to speech play ht

If you're looking for a high quality South Korean text to speech software, Play.ht uses cutting edge artificial intelligence technology to provide an extremely realistic Korean voiceover to any content you are making.

korean play ht voice avatars

Play.ht features 9 premium South Korean accent voice avatars that sound very native and 6 standard AI voices.

The premium voices are the ones you really want for serious content like e-learning materials or other interesting Korean language content.  

Just type out what you want to say and Play.ht will take care of the rest. 

murf ai korean text to speech

Murfi.ai can turn Korean text script into natural speaking South Korean accent voices, and choose among 5 professional voice avatars both female and male.

These voices can be used for personal video projects, YouTube videos, infomercial videos, interactive voice response messages and many more. 

One of the features that matters lot in Murf is the ability to stress specific words and add that emphasis when speaking to make the audio deliver important messages. 

No body likes a mono toned voice, so the ability to increase or decrease the pitch of the AI voice is a key feature of MURF.

murf ai korean tts

Murf.AI also features the perfect video editor and script generator tool. The script generator tool is similar to JasperAI to help come up with ideas if the content creator is experiencing writer's block. 


Speechelo is the cheapest option available for people just starting with Text to speech software. Speechelo can turn text to speech for 23 languages including Korean.

Just convert the script and download the audio file! Very straightforward process.

Speechelo is a one time payment software (No recurring billing)

synthesia io korean tts

Synthesa.io can produce very high level AI avatar voice for Korean audience as well as deepfake AI voice for E learning, instructional videos, documentaries, and many other types of professional videos.

Though the AI video with a person presenting in Korean doesn't always look like the lips synch with the voice, but it's unnoticeable if the video size is smaller.

With Synthesia, you can also now create videos in over 60 languages and accents with male or female AI voiceovers.

korean tts micmonster

Micmonster is an Free Korean AI voiceover cloud based software that offers a wide range of customization options. This means that you can create a digital voice that sounds exactly like you want it to, and it also features the ability to generate pronunciation guides for words and phrases. And best of all, Micmonster offers a free trial so that you can try out the service before committing to it.

There are only two voice avatars for South Korean accent voices compared to other products recommended above. This is a great choice to test out what a text to speech software can do for you before signing up for the paid version with unlimited text to speech conversion.

notevibe tts

Notevibes is a powerful text to speech tool that allows the user to add pauses, speaking pace, emphasis to the Korean script. Once done, just hit convert to speak the script. In many ways it can do what most Korean text to speech apps do, however, some words do sound a little awkward no matter how you tweak them.

Notevibes offers free trial and the cheapest option is $8/month.