5 Best German Text To Speech Software

Here are the 5 best German text to speech programs that can turn Deutsch text into speaking voices (For Austria, Germany and Switzerland accents)

Some are free, and some are paid. Preview them all and see which one you like the most:

german tts

Murfi.ai can turn written German sentences into spoken words. The editor can also control the speaking tone and pitch to deliver the best sounding native German voices for professional content. 

german tts murf

Murf TTS software offers up to 4 professional voice actors and 3 standard voices. Murf is the choice for making German E learning videos, instructionals, documentary and advertising.

german tts play ht

If you're looking for a high quality German language text to speech software, you should definitely check out Play.ht. Play.ht uses cutting edge artificial intelligence technology to provide an extremely realistic German voiceover for well written text script.

German TTS play ht voices

Play.ht features 37 premium German AI voice avatars that sound very native and 12 standard ones generated by AI. These 37 voice avatars have various speaking voices for Switzerland and Austrian accents.

speechelo german tts

Speechelo is the cheapest option available for people just starting to play around with Text to speech software. Speechelo offers 5 different German accents. To most German speakers, the voices can be better differentiated among 3 German speaking countries in Europe.

For the rest of the world, the Speechelo text to speech software is the cheapest way to get started.

synthesia chinese tts

Synthesa.io can produce very high level AI avatar voice for Deutsch audience in E learning, instructional videos, documentaries, and many other types of professional videos.

The AI avatar profile can speak the text the user enters, and the AI person will speak it like a real presentor using machine learning technology. You don't always have to use the AI video, but the spoken text to speech Deutsch sounds very natural and native to most mainland Deutsch audience.

In addition, Synthesia can now create AI text to speech videos in over 60 languages and accents with male or female AI voiceovers.

micmonster german tts

Micmonster has 15 German pro voices to accurately represent the German speaking accents among 3 regions of Europe (Switzerland, Austria and Germany). The quality of the AI voice is very native and natural compare to other TTS software.  Some parts are better than others.

If you want more than just the standard German voices for your social media content, the Micmonster is definitely a product to try and it's FREE. 

For unlimited usages, the cheapest option is their $37/ every 3 months deal.

deutsch tts notevibe

Notevibes is another powerful German text to speech software on our list we have to talk about. The program features 6 Deutsch voices. All of them sound very native for Germany, Switzerland and Austria. They are great voice templates to use for creating E learning materials, training videos, sales videos and many more.

Notevibes can create custom voices and control pitch, speed, and volume to bring life to the voice for your audience.