Tourism Commercial Script Voiceover [How To Guide]

Do you like to add high-quality tourism commercial script voiceover to high-definition DSLR and drone footage of exotic travel locations?

This guide will outline what to say in the script, and also recommend professional-level text-to-speech software to convert your script to a speaking voice.

Always Create The Script First Before Gathering B Rolls

editing voiceover script in adobe premier pro

Creating the script first gives a clear direction when editing the video without wasting time gathering irrelevant footage that don't go with the voiceover.

Before putting anything down on the script:

  • Visualize what do you want to achieve? 
  • What do you want the listener to do?
  • Is the video motivating people to visit ?
  • Is the video motivating people to book events?
  • Is the video motivating people to check out more content?

What To Include In the Voiceover Script

Travel commercial videos should be fun and inspiring. It should be descriptive and only focuses on impactful things. The common mistake people make is strictly talking about the physical location itself without any story, person or events associated with it. 

Do not try to cover everything in the video. This is where your creative advertising comes into play.

Here are couple things to include in the script

1. Turn boring facts into a story

2. List out all travel spots with brief description 

3. Talk about an event being hosted, and go over what people can get out of it 

4. Go over the number recipes in this town with nonverbal B roll footage highlighting the location

5. Highlight any war stories that inspire people to visit

6. Go over the unique cultures in this area

7. Highlight lifestyles of who visits

8. Storytelling of a unforgettable events that happened in this location (The movie Hangover isn't about Las Vegas, but it sold the idea of how Las Vegas can be)

If you have a hard time coming up with what to say in the script, We highly recommend JasperAI to help you quickly draft what to say to eliminate writers' block.

jasper ai

Pick A Commercial Voice - Use Text To Speech

You don't have to use your own voice!

The best way to add commercial or other professional sounding voiceover to your tourism videos is to use a paid text to speech program with hundreds of AI voice avatar to speak your script in different languages, and to bring the story to life.

play ht home

We highly recommend Descript, or They offer hundreds of voices that have control over inflection, tonality, prosody and pitch. They sound real and they can be used for various audio and video projects.