How To Setup Automated Phone Menu For Small Business

Most companies and small businesses use automated phone menus to handle a large volume of incoming calls to provide information 24/7.

Most of them use IVR menus, aka Interactive Voice Response call attendant. It's basically AI virtual attendants using speech recognition technology to interact with the caller.

Here is how to set it up

Choose The Right IVR Service Provider

Our 4 choices are:


  • Simple to use
  • Best for call center

Ring Central

ring central ivr
  • For small businesses ($34.99/month premium plan)


8x8 ivr
  • Easily build IVR path with drag and drop feature (X6 plan $85/ month)
  • Software analyzes the customer journey 
  • Skills based routing


talkdesk ivr
  • Visualize IVR flow structure with real time error flagging
  • Provides AI driven insights

Choose A Business Phone Number

You can pick a local or toll free number for your small business. If you already have a business phone line that you would like to use, you can port the number.

In addition, multiple phone numbers to the same phone menu can be assigned. It basically means the caller can either call local, toll free or international number. All of them will be directed to the same phone menu.

Create Phone Menu Options

ringcentral ivr call flow

Setup a call flow structure you want the caller to interact with. 

Please create a list of options for example:

  • Press 1 for appointment 
  • Press 2 for emergency 
  • Press 3 to connect to the first available agent

Other routing options include:

  • Place on hold queue
  • Conference call
  • Dial known party extension
  • Pay by phone
  • Authentication

Create Greeting Message

Come up with a greeting script. You record your own voice or use text to speech software.

We highly recommend using Murf or DescriptAI for professional quality.

murf ai voice ad

Once you have the audio file ready, simply upload them to the IVR software you're using.