7 Tips How To Make A Commercial Script That Sell

This article focuses on presenting top 7 tips on how to make a commercial script that sells. This include what to say and what to show in the ad.

As a bonus, this guide will also recommend the best speaking voice to deliver the script using a high end AI text to speech software.

Tip 1 - Use The Best Commercial Ad Voices

We highly recommend picking among these 150+ voices to bring your script to life. Paid text to speech software offer the best voice synthesis technology that can control voice pitch, emphasis, prosody, emotion to make your commercial sound professional, drive leads and sales.

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The speaking voice and background music in any commercial ad matters as much as the visual component. Please click here to get a free trial with DescriptAI.

Tip 2 - Have Just Enough Elements To Get The Point Across

Some of the most effective commercials employ a combination of emotional pull and easy-to-remember message and visuals to attract viewers. The entire script maybe only contain a few words without saying much to sell the product.

Tip 3 - Add A Signature Element

Stand out from other commercials with a signature camera angle, background music, brand music tone, how people can quickly identify themselves with the brand.

Tip 4 - Keep It Simple

Keeping things simple require balance. The simplicity in a powerful ad should do the following:

  • Focus on the main elements of the ad that sells. Anything else can be removed if the ad still deliver the same message. (this is the same concept for videos that get views)
  • Don't say bunch of things in the ad (let the visual speak for itself)

Tip 5 - Do Not Verbally Ask For A Sale

Most successful commercial ads that make people remember don't ask to buy, subscribe, visit the website or call. The ones that do are infomercial ads.

The main purpose of a commercial is to present a short story telling experience. Show it in front of people over and over until the it becomes a part of people's life.

When people think about the internet - People automatically think Google

When people think about smartphones - People automatically think Apple

When people think about Taxes - People automatically think of HR Block

When people see a smile image - People automatically think of Amazon

When people think about a soda drink - People automatically think of Coke or Pepsi

The list goes on

Tip 6 - Present Impactful Content Right Away

People's attention span is short, therefore presenting impactful content in the commercial ad within the first 3 - 4 seconds is crucial. This is the same concept that applies to YouTube, TikTok or IG videos that grabs attention right away. Even though ads like this don't fully communicate the context behind it, but it keeps people engaged and wanting to see more.

Tip 7 - Match The Script To The Visual

Once the commercial script is done, the next step is to match the visual and audio components to it. Sometimes the ad creator completely nailed the visual and the voiceover right away. Sometimes there are more edits required, and other times, the whole thing needs to be redrafted.