How To Have A PDF Read To You

Here is how to have a PDF read to you with simple to use text to speech software, apps, or browser plugins.

Use Adobe Acrobat Reader

adobe reader feature

Adobe Reader has been around for a long time and it's extremely easy to use.

If you don't already have it installed on your laptop or desktop computer, please download it here and install it (Be sure to uncheck McAffee - optional)

Use Natural Reader Chrome Extension

natural reader chrome extension tts

Simply download the natural reader text to speech chrome extension and open up any PDF Ebook, and have it read pdf aloud to you with natural sounding voice.

It's so straight forward, and there you go! 

This is a great Text to speech program for ESL students, kids and elderly readers, this is a great tool to have.

This one is actually better sounding than Adobe Reader, and users can enjoy their downloaded Ebooks, and it can also read whatever is on the web browser page such as Wikipedia.

natural reader pdf file

Use Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is another great tool that can read a PDF file to you. Simply enable the narrator feature on Word, select the paragraphs to read and hit play.

microsoft word read to me narrator

However, this only works if you have Microsoft Word open, and the voice isn't as natural as other dedicated text to speech apps.

If the narrator button isn't showing. Please do the following to enable it:

Hit the drop down arrow above the main menu bar and select "More Comamnds"

more commands

Add "Speak" to the Quick Access Toolbar

add speak

Descript AI

descript logo

Descript AI is a top tier text to speech program that can read pdf aloud to you once you paste in the text.

The user can pick among many AI voice avatars to read the PDF (Include reading the PDF using your own cloned AI voice). If you're editing an E books, this is extremely helpful tool to edit the content by converting your speech or interview into text transcription before final E book release.

descript interface

We highly recommend this tool for digital marketers, E book makers and video content creators.