How To Generate Radio Commercial Script

Here are ways to generate radio commercial script for your products or services.

We will show you tools that you can use to assist you coming up with what to say, how to say things that get people to remember and take action.

Create Radio Commercial Script With Good Copywriting

  • Define the target audience and the message you want to convey.
  • Keep the script concise and to the point, as listeners have short attention spans.
  • Use strong and attention-grabbing words to grab listeners' attention.
  • Avoid complex sentence structures or passive voice at all cost 
  • Use humor, storytelling, or other techniques to make the ad memorable.
  • Test the script with various voices (Use a text to speech programs)
  • Make sure the ad is compliant with any legal or regulatory requirements.

Tools To Help Creating Radio Commercial Script

You don't have to be the voice of your own radio commercial ad. You can hire someone or use an good natural sounding AI voice avatar.

For the script, what to say in the ad. We highly recommend trying out CHATGPT or JasperAI to optimize your original script. One of the best feature is ask ChatGPT to rewrite a script you might already have with the following prompt:

"Rewrite it better in the voice of XYZ"

"Rewrite it with active voice, and include a good call to action"

"Rewrite it with grade level 6 reading level"

"Rewrite it by removing any awkward sentences"'

Reviewing The Radio Ad

We highly recommend using Descript, Murf or WellSaid to create that AI voices to at least test to see if the radio ad sound good with many different voices before narrowing down on a particular voice for your ad.

There is a chance that none of the AI avatar profile works for your radio ad script. In that case, hiring a real person to do it with the script you have optimized above.