How To Convert Articles To Audio

In this article, we will show you how to convert articles to audio on your WordPress website with text to speech plugins to improve accessibility and visitor engagement.

Visitors simply click to play button to consume the content even if they don't other TTS browser extension that can read to them.


content to audio wp plugin

No matter how good your writing is, some people like to listen than reading blocks of paragraphs. offers immense text to speech capability on your website with more than 260+ TTS voices in 55+ languages, and it features SEO friendly embedded player along side podcast feeds for easy distribution via blogs or social media channels such Twitter/Facebook etc

With you can convert your articles, blog posts and almost all written text content into spoken word audio so users will be able listen as if they were listening on an FM radio! You also get access to detailed audio analytics which shows listening behavior of your users.

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Trinity Audio

trinity audio wordpress plugin

The free version of the Trinity Audio text to speech WordPress plugin is perfect for bloggers who are just starting out, or those wanting to give their blog an audio makeover. It enables converting up-to 5 articles into podcasts per month with 125 languages and 600+ accent voices available.

In addition, this plugin allows the CMS to manage and edit content on platforms like Spotfiy, Apple, and Google Podcast. It also allows automatic language translation and playing speed control

Users can use shortcode to highlight important sentences or word that visitors can listen to without playing the entire paragraph, and this feature is very useful for language learning type of content.

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WebsiteVoice is another great TTS wordpress plugin that can convert landing page text into human like voices for better accessibility and subscriber engagement.

Visitors on sites with WebsiteVoice have the option to control the synthesized voice reading speed and download an save the content audio in MP3 format to consume offline. This is very helpful for people to gather content before they flight or travel somewhere before losing internet connection.

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ReadSpeaker is a leader in the TTS field with more than 20 years of experience. Read Speaker produces lifelike original voices to your written content that are not only highly engaging but also include emotional styles for each individual language!

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