How To Alter Your Voice Using AI

There are many reasons why a content creator would want to alter their voice. If you're one of them, here is how to alter your voice using AI text to speech software

Changing Your Voice With AI

A content creator can simply speak into the mic in real time and change the pitch and tonality of his/her voice. There are many voice changer apps free and paid that can get this done.

Online gamers like to use VoiceMod to sound more interesting in the virtual world, and make playing online more fun.

Are You Mostly Looking For…

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YouTube videos creators can make videos without showing face or record their voice.

Check out this audio sample:

We recommend as the ultimate AI voice changer tool.

Content creators can use this to craft marketing messages, story telling, voiceover for video game characters and many more.

Check out more affordable voice changer apps here.

Using An AI Voice Avatar

wellsaid lab

Using an AI voice avatar is easy and simple to turn text into speech. There are plenty of AI voice avatar profiles to choose from in major AI text to speech programs.

These AI voice avatars are cloned from real people's voice sample, and creators can use them with their consent. (Use it responsibly)

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We highly recommend DescriptAI or

Check out more AI text to speech programs (Hundreds of voice avatars to choose from)

Reasons Why Some Content Creators Want To Alter Their Voice

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One of the top reasons why some content creators want to change their voice are because:

  • They don't like their voice
  • Poor speaking ability 
  • To sound interesting 
  • Their voice may not be the best fit for the content they are presenting
  • They want to remain anonymous online
  • Create content in a different language to reach more audience 

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