Does Text To Speech Without Internet Work?

Can you use text to speech offline?

Yes, text to speech technology works even without internet connection. This is called offline text to speech.

However, to have the most accurate text to speech, internet connection is definite required to exert high load computing resources.

How Does TTS Work Without Internet Connection

There are several software libraries, such as eSpeak and Festival, that can be used to generate speech offline.

TTS can be used without an internet connection by using a locally installed TTS engine. These engines typically use a set of pre-recorded speech samples to generate the spoken words, and can be integrated into a variety of software applications, such as e-books, navigation systems, and assistive technology for those with disabilities.

There are a few popular TTS engine libraries widely used for offline purpose, such as:

  • eSpeak - This is an open-source TTS engine that is available for a variety of platforms.
  • Festival - This is a free, open-source TTS system developed by the University of Edinburgh.
  • Flite - This is an open-source TTS engine that is designed to be small, fast, and lightweight.
  • Microsoft SAPI - This is a proprietary TTS engine that is included with the Windows operating system.