How To Convert Email To Phone Call [With TTS]

For anyone running a business that wants some automation, converting email to phone call with a text to speech phone call service is efficient and fast.

All you have to do is convert the text in an email to voice calls by using the following recommended software:

  • Clicksend
  • Emailtovoice
  • Zapier

Are You Mostly Looking For…

transcribe audio to text

download read to me apps

create ad script voiceover

Top Benefits Of Using Email Text To Speech Gateway

Email text-to speech is a new service that lets you convert any email into an electronic phone call.

Some people prefer listening to lengthy messages than reading, and email text to speech gateway is great for senders.

Works In Multiple Languages

Send any SMS text to speech in multiple languages and voices. This enables your business to work with various clients around the world.

Send Bulk Calls Much Faster

You can send messages to hundreds of people at once by simply converting it with a email to voice service, and sending them your message on their computer or mobile device!

Recipient Hears The Message Instead Of Reading

Listening is much faster than reading, and the recipient can quickly listen to the important message without looking at the screen. This is a much faster and safer way to communicate while on the go or driving.