Text to Speech For Dyslexia [Top 3 Apps]

If you have dyslexia and have trouble reading or understanding text on a computer screen, Here are the 3 best text to speech for dyslexia to try.

Dyslexic persons might benefit from hearing literature read aloud by a person with a natural speaking voice. Some individuals find it far less taxing on the brain to hear the errors rather than see them.

Capti Voice

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Capti is an educational and productive tool that reads aloud text from documents, websites, and e-books to users of all ages. It's great for those who need to learn English or another language and prepare for tests while traveling. It's also a great tool to present information to dyslexic users.

People with dyslexia, low eyesight, and others, may use the tool's supplementary features to read and comprehend the content. A variety of digital file types, including PDF, Word, Epub, Daisy, and HTML, are playable with the use of this program.

Capti also highlights the current reading position in the text to assist kids with dyslexia in developing important language skills. In addition to its many other comprehension aids. Capti Voice also facilitates reading by giving a wide selection of fonts and colors to improve contrast and anchor the words on the page.


  • 1 Week Trial: Free
  • 1 Month: $ 1.99
  • 6 Months: $ 9.99
  • 12 Months: $ 19.99
notevibes logo

Notevibes is a fantastic text-to-speech for dyslexia that has both a free and a premium edition that has many more features. It provides more than 500 translated characters and enables individualized pronunciation.

The end result is that readers are equipped with all they need to learn a new language and significantly increase their comprehension skills. Further, Notevibes has 177 distinct voices that are available in 18 different languages.

It's the ideal text-to-speech for dyslexia since it can be used for everything from personal usage on tiny projects to commercial uses like voiceovers for TV, YouTube, and broadcast. They are a game-changer for anyone with dyslexia or visual impairment. They are so useful that they even aid language learners. Notevibes can help your kid with dyslexia feel as at ease as if they were talking to a real person. These voices are not at all loud, and picking a preferred one may make the experience much more pleasant.


  • Limited Free Online Usage
  • Personal Pack: $9/month | $84/ year ($7/month)
  • Commercial Pack: $90/month | $840/year ($70/month)
voice dream reader app

This smartphone text to speech application is accessible to people with a wide range of impairments thanks to its Dyslexia-friendly font, synchronized text and audio, adjustable font size and color combinations, and complete support for VoiceOver.

Voice Dream Reader can read any book aloud in 30 languages and 186 voices, making it ideal for readers with dyslexia, visual impairments, or those who just grasp better via auditory means. The auto-highlighting of words on the screen is designed to aid with reading and memory. The user has the option of adjusting the reading speed, highlighting text for later reference, and customizing the font, color, and line spacing.

Children and young adults with dyslexia may benefit greatly from apps designed for mobile devices and web browsers. Use them to bolster reading and writing, facilitate learning, improve literacy, and boost self-assurance.


  • $9.99

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Understanding People with Dyslexia

dyslexia problem

Dyslexia is one of the most prevalent reading impairments, affecting around one in five students.

People with dyslexia often  have difficulty reading due to problems identifying speech sounds and learning how they relate to letters and words. Also called reading disability, dyslexia affects areas of the brain that process language.

Dyslexic people often excel in areas where others struggle, such as original thought, problem-solving, spatial awareness, and higher-order reasoning.

Learning to spot dyslexia signs and providing help to these pupils may have a long-lasting influence on their reading abilities since students with dyslexia improve their reading skills with early therapy.

How Does Text To Speech Program Help People With Dyslexia

Listening to audiobooks may be a useful way to close the comprehension gap. Word identification, fluency, vocabulary acquisition, and the development of comprehension abilities are all bolstered by being exposed to the material in both visual and auditory formats.