4 Best Text To Speech Chrome Extension

There are many useful chrome extension for different tasks. To add to it, here are the 4 best text to speech chrome extension to download.

Natural Reader

Natural-Reader logo

Natural Reader can read text on your screen for almost anything including text, PDFs, Google Docs, eBooks, and emails. And with the immersive reader mode, you can read without any distractions. Natural Reader is also perfect for those with dyslexia, as it supports dyslexic fonts to make reading easier. So whether you're looking for a better way to read text to you or need a good text to speech app for dyslexia, Natural Reader has you covered.

This chrome extension also supports up to 16 different languages, you can use Natural Reader no matter where you are in the world. The app is also available on multiple platforms, so you can use it on your computer, phone, or tablet. And if you upgrade to a premium plan, you'll have access to even more voices and features.

natural reader chrome extension

Capti Voice

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Capti Voice is a powerful text-to-speech tool that can read any piece of text out loud for you. Whether it's a lengthy article or just a paragraph of text, Capti Voice can handle it with ease. And not only that, you can also save the text for later and listen to it whenever you want!

The tool can extract the content from the text and saves it to the cloud. The user can go back to the Capti Voice web app and listen to the saved content. You can even create playlists to better organize your saved pieces.

Plus, Capti Voice supports several languages and voices. However, in the free plan, only U.S. English is available. But with the premium plan, you can view word definitions and translate text into other languages.

capti voice chrome extension

Snap & Read

snap and read

With Snap&Read, you can listen to any kind of text, whether it's on a website, in a Google Doc, or even in an image or scanned document.

Just select the Loud Speaker icon from the sidebar, then click on the text you want Snap&Read to read.

The user can also adjust the readability of the text, change the spacing and number of words per line, and even translate the text into another language.

Try the free trial now with no risk, plus the paid version is only $4 a month

snap read chrome extension plugin

Intelligent Speaker

intelligent speaker logo

Intelligent Speaker extension automatically detects the language on page and read it to the user. It works for 20 different languages with natural sounding voice and prosody.

The user can also download the converted audio file for offline listening. Intelligent Speaker works great on all major browsers and is perfect for keeping up with the latest news, research, or just for leisurely reading.

intelligent speaker chrome extension